In Stockton, punks are the new mall rats

A vacant real estate space has become the hottest underground rock venue in town, spurred by a collaboration between a young local business owner and the front man of an 80s-esque “dream pop” band. Now an empty storefront has been transformed into a rare hangout spot in a town where entertainment venues. “I think that’s why a lot of kids come out to our shows every time — it’s something to do.” To read on and check out some of Surf Club’s music, go to Youth Radio.


New zine lets readers ‘Choose Your Own Sacramento’

A new zine – a smaller, less-formal version of a traditional magazine – focuses on Sacramento and the possibilities for adventure in the city’s different neighborhoods. A release party for the zine, backed by the literacy group 916 Ink, follows a two week-long writing workshop for youth. 916 Ink promotes reading and writing for interested youth in the county. 916 ink has successfully published over 25 books, from comics to stories to poetry. “Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate and to humble.” Find out more about the program on Access Sacramento.


From humble beginnings to district’s ‘Teacher of the Year’

Among teachers in the entire L.A. Unified School District, only ten are named “Teacher of the Year,” an honor reserved for educators who’ve showed exemplary dedication to their students, combined with creative curriculums designed to affect the larger community. Boyle Heights resident Isabel Morales, 33, won the award this year, and answered questions about what inspired throughout her ten year teaching career. “I try to lead by example. When students see me, and how my life is, I think it helps them see that you can come from humble beginnings, and not turn your back on your community.” Read more about a local teacher with a passion for giving back, on Boyle Heights Beat.


Feeling unprotected on school grounds

Joi Smith’s mom always told her never to let anyone search or question us without her knowing or being there. But when a school security guard pulled Joi out of class, took her to an office and searched her bag, Joi didn’t get a chance to call her mom. The Oakland Unified School District recently passed a policy saying school police officers must tell students that they have the right for a parent to be present before and during an interrogation, but for Joi, it came too late. Though the guards found Joi hadn’t done anything wrong, she transferred out of her high after the incident. “I felt violated. Like the school had more control over me and my personal belongings than I did.” Hear the commentary on Youth Radio.

Richmond rolls out city I.D. cards

Richmond is the latest Bay Area city to offer a municipal identification card that can double as a debit or credit card.  Supporters say it will help people facing obstacles proving their identities for mundane shopping transactions and proving they are residents of Richmond. But the fine print reveals fees are tacked on for everything from card inactivity to balance inquiries or customer service calls. Read more on Richmond Pulse.


Guelaguetza 2014

More and more municipalities are beginning to reject “Columbus Day” in favor of “Indigenous People’s Day,” But in Kern County, the prominence of indigenous pride has developed for over a decade, with the Guelaguetza, a celebration of Oaxacan indigenous culture. The Guelaguetza is a community-building event for people who can feel marginalized both here and in Mexico. About 3,500 people attended a recent Guelaguetza at Cal. State Bakersfield’s amphitheater.  The event was covered by South Kern Sol.


What does ‘Yes’ means ‘yes’ mean for Cal State Long Beach?

“Yes Means Yes,” or SB 967, into law, establishes a new standard for sex on California campuses. The law is meant to pressure colleges and universities to respond more vigorously to sexual assault reports. It requires both parties involved in sexual activity to give affirmative consent – only “yes” (or equivalent expressions) implies consensual sex. Previous relationship, silence, or intoxication do not grant permission for sex. “I would say the thing that we lack on campus is the knowledge of what to do when you’ve been sexually assaulted.”  What do Long Beach college students think this new language could accomplish? Find out on Voicewaves.


Career paths thwarted by a criminal past

This short film explores the job application process for people who have a sparse job history or a criminal record from their younger years. How do past mistakes affect the opportunities available as young offenders enter adulthood? And where can they turn when they’re turned away from the formal economy? Watch one woman’s narrative in a piece from Media Arts Center.

Sacposé: What is the ‘American Dream’?

Sacposé, Sacramento’s only youth-produced podcast on local and youth issues, hosts a discussion among AccessLocal.Tv’s Neighborhood News correspondents about what they think the American Dream means, and how it’s changing in their eyes. It’s all about the historical perspective – the dream changes era to era. “When people started to migrate to America, I feel like the American Dream was to make your mark on the world… then the American Dream started to change according to the definition of that era.” Do you agree with the opinions of the correspondents? Chime in with your comments on Access Sacramento.

E-cigarettes continue upward trend among teens

Public opinion about tobacco smoking shifted through the 1980s, due to public health campaigns and news about the addictiveness of cigarettes became better known. But smoking is now making a comeback, this time through electronic smoking devices, often called vape pens. While supporters claim they are safer than cigarettes and can be used to help quit smoking, opponents are concerned that they are attracting new young users. “The older people, the people who have been smoking, are using it to quit cigarettes. The younger crowd is doing it as a hobby.”  Read a report from Boyle Heights Beat.




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