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2019 Youth Media Statewide Conference


2019 Youth Media Statewide Conference

The 4th Annual Youth Media Statewide Conference

the Waterfront Hotel in Oakland, California

Over President’s Day weekend (Feb 16-17, 2019) in Oakland, youth journalists are coming together who are part of the California Youth Media Network positioning young people as changemakers through storytelling.

The network is meeting to expand their multimedia and journalism skills, and have conversations on pressing issues they are covering, from the latest election, to immigration, to LGBTQ rights, and to work on collaborative storytelling ideas (to amplify distinct local experiences in a larger statewide context).

The overall goal of the conference is to

1) create connections between youth journalists around the state

2) build skills

3) drive collective impact

In 2018, YR Media (previously Youth Radio) brought together professional journalists and a diverse group of youth media makers in our network to provide hands-on multi-media training and networking opportunities to almost 100 participants from 12 locations across California.

This network of youth media organizations represents all of California, including youth journalists from rural and urban areas — San Diego, Fresno, Oakland, Sacramento, Merced, Del Norte + more. They are producing powerful youth journalism and first-person storytelling, as a way to highlight issues facing youth and their communities and to impact policy change in the state.

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