Local youth are journalists with the American Teenager Project

The American Teenager Project, launched in Richmond and nearby communities, is a journalism program for youth to tell the stories of other teens in their communities, through interviews and photography.  Twenty students from local high schools were recruited for the workshops, trained with the tools to create an “archive of adolescence.” “[The program] taught me how […]

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My internship experience so far

A young person going into journalism needs experience interacting with the public. An internship can provide the opportunity to train budding journalists through constant use in a mentoring environment, setting a student up a worthy job applicant.  “Every job has basic skills that are universal: communication, organization, basic computer knowledge, people skills.”  Intern David Stewart has […]

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My first job: By a DGK*

The low expectations embodied in the remarks of a high school teacher, “I don’t know where you will be in the next ten years,” taught one former student that he was a “DGK” (dirty ghetto kid).  But in a program called “Youth Voice,” he joined the Neighborhood News Correspondents, his first job. He talks about showing that teacher […]

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