New Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight? Remember Not to Lose Yourself

When Solé Rivera was just 12 years-old, people were always commenting on how she should lose weight. But even after shedding some pounds, Rivera didn’t feel different—and now she’s learning that self-love comes from more than just feeling healthy. “The world is starting to realize that beauty doesn’t only come in one size or shape.” […]

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Stress management

Bills, childcare, budgets, school, jobs and other demands can cause a lot of stress. This video produced by students withe the Victoria Blended Community School in San Diego County combines ideas about how to combat stress with creative real-time sketches. Watch the video at Media Arts Center.  

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Wellness centers coming to Long Beach

In Long Beach, half of Khmer youth show signs of depression, one in four Khmer youth don’t know where to find testing for pregnancy or an STI (sexually transmitted infections).  Young people who lead healthy lifestyles are less likely to contribute to the high truancy rates of Long Beach high schools. Wellness Centers in schools provide health education, preventative […]

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Richmond needs a massage

A self-proclaimed self-healer shares encouragement and advice on how to use massage therapy as a method of community healing. “I believe that when we start improving our health by treating ourselves to massage, we will be making a positive change in the community.” Read the story on Richmond Pulse.

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