Water filters may soon be a reality at Arvin High

Arvin High School may be next in line for water stations with arsenic-removing filters — several sites in South Kern County have been found to have unsafe arsenic levels in the water, and elementary schools in the district have been equipped with refillable water stations and filtered fountains.  Community members say it’s time for high schools to share in the benefit. “I […]

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Residents voice concern over Lamont’s wastewater plan

Researchers met with members of the public to discuss the potential impact of a proposed plan by the Lamont Public Utilities District to handle the area’s wastewater. Residents voiced concerns about how to ensure the area’s drinking water remain free of pesticide contaminants, and the possibility of further degrading of local air quality—already a big concern for Lamont residents—resulting from wastewater vapors […]

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Cal State assists communities with aquaponics

Environmental Studies teachers and students from California State University, Sacramento, are sharing their aquaponics program with the local community. Aquaponics combines aquaculture — in which aquatic organisms produce waste that becomes nutrients for plants — and hydroponics, where soil is replaced by water in plant growth. The program is a teaching tool to demonstrate principles of sustainability, wherein waste management and production are linked with energy and […]

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Drought demands water saving

The Know has been reporting on the California drought since it first emerged as a serious threat to the Central Valley’s residents and its economy. Becoming aware of the crisis has caused many of these youth to change their habits; here, they share easy ways for young people to begin doing their part to save water, on The Know.

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Agua 4 All featured on Univision

The east valley has long felt the health harms of not having access to clean drinking water. A health profile of the area found children there drink sugary drinks in lieu of water, raising their chances of developing obesity and diabetes. The national Spanish-language news station Univision took notice of the Agua 4 All campaign, which is helping increase access to drinking water by installing water […]

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Bill to combat arsenic in drinking water

A law presented to ensure safe drinking water for rural California communities received unanimous bipartisan support. The bill would amend the California Safe Drinking Water Act and require the State Water Resources Control Board to regulate groundwater against unsafe levels of arsenic. Testing in the Coachella Valley found that dozens of water systems had arsenic levels above the maximum contaminant limit. The rural communities most affected by arsenic contamination are home to […]

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