Youth Led Urban Ag Tour

A Sacramento event called the Youth Led Urban Ag Tour took visitors by bus to three different urban farms, showcasing the city’s potential for local produce grown by the hands of residents. A video documenting the tour is on Access Sacramento.

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Want to farm in Richmond? Urban Tilth will show you how

Once a month, the food and farming nonprofit Urban Tilth invites the public to learn urban agriculture by cultivating a community garden in Richmond. Volunteers learn how to weed a garden, transplant young vegetables, and maintain soil for the upcoming planting season. But mostly they get a chance to feel what it’s like to work with their hands and make something grow. “Seeing how Urban Tilth cares […]

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Harvest Sacramento forages fruit across the city

Waste not, want not? Harvest Sacramento is a project of Soil Born Farms, a food justice organization centered on developing and maintaining urban farms. Harvest Sacramento is the result of a collaboration between community partners, businesses, and nonprofits to harvest fruit that otherwise wouldn’t be picked or used – a practice called foraging – from trees across the city.  The […]

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Seeing gardens in the blight

The number of vacant lots visible on a city’s streets is an indicator of a neighborhood’s neglect. But the lots also provide an otherwise unavailable opportunity: to fill up the empty spaces with vegetable gardens. The Oakland City Council modified regulations to allow gardeners to grow vegetables on vacant lots and sell without a permit, as long as they receive […]

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Planting seeds of change in East Los Angeles

Alfonso Aceves says much has improved in the once-violent East L.A. area since his family moved there six decades ago. But one thing has gotten worse for a community that includes many farmworkers: the availability of fresh, affordable produce. City Council members are hoping to change that with a motion to encourage property owners to turn vacant lots and spaces into urban gardens, bringing […]

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Oak Park party highlights urban agriculture

With all the problems the Oak Park is facing, and beleaguered by an ongoing gang war, residents were uplifted at a party organized to promote solidarity and active involvement in the community. Two neighborhood farming organizations are encouraging cleaning up and building gardens, in an effort to promote neighborhood unity. “We eventually want to have everyone participating in vacant lot cleanups, and in […]

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