‘120 Days’ Documents the Intimate Life of an Immigrant Family

Sacramento’s Jazmine Justice-Young weighs in on the important messages of “120 Days.” The movie portrays the daily struggles and dangers facing immigrant families living in the U.S. “Not every immigrant is dangerous like the ones broadcasted on TV. Many are from wholesome, hard-working families, restlessly chasing the American Dream.” Read more at AccessLocal.TV.

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My DACA story: Abby

A high school senior from Boyle Heights in Los Angeles believes she’ll be able to attend college and find meaningful work upon graduate even though she is an undocumented immigrant. This student shared her optimism with Boyle Heights Beat for a series of interviews with people impacted by the Trump Administration’s September announcement it would […]

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Two youths’ views on ‘sanctuary state’

Two California teenagers, both undocumented, share their views on proposed legislation that would limit how California governments can cooperate with federal immigration enforcement. One teen lives in Hayward, a city with ‘sanctuary’ policies for its undocumented residents passed in response to the Trump administration’s anti-immigrant stance. The other is a 19-year-old in Kern County who […]

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Valley residents call for a ‘golden state for all’

Activists from San Joaquin County traveled to Sacramento to push lawmakers to address problems ranging from discriminatory housing policies to to childhood poverty to pesticide use.  Merced organizer Crissy Gallardo attended the event, organized by the San Joaquin Valley Health Fund, to support a proposed bill that would expand protections for California’s undocumented immigrants. “We […]

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