Bicyclists highlight the murals and history of the East Side

Nearly a hundred bicycling advocates and community members turned out for the Eastside Mural Ride. The ten mile ride, with stops at historic murals throughout Boyle Heights and East Los Angeles, didn’t just focus on the street art and history of the neighborhoods; cyclist and pedestrian safety was also discussed, and lights and helmets were distributed. “Everybody really enjoys the ride. They have a really […]

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Miles away from the next stop

For residents of North Shore, getting around on public transportation can be tough. There is only one bus line serving the city, located about 20 miles south of Coachella, and it comes only once every three hours. That means long walks — and long waits in often searing temperatures — for trips to the grocery store, school, […]

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First-time bus rider tackles FAX

A college student decides to see for himself whether complaints he’d heard about the Fresno Area Express (FAX) would be a real problem for him. “As someone who relies on their car way too much, I thought it’d be a great experiment to see what it would be like if I took the bus for a day.” More commentary […]

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Johnny’s transportation story

Millions of middle and high school students ride public transportation every day. Johnny lives two hours from his school, spending an average of four hours daily on the bus. Plus, he has to scrape up the money for a bus pass. This is Johnny’s story, from Media Arts Center San Diego.

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With declining ridership, report card for Fresno buses

Fresno’s public transit system reports declining ridership, even as an updated rapid bus system is scheduled to launch next January. A high school student in Fresno gives the current buses—Fresno Area Express, or FAX—poor grades for safety, cleanliness, and schedule. “Fresno’s population is projected to keep growing, and our city public transit needs to keep up.” A report card […]

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It’s time for food justice

Seventeen year-old Melissa Sosa, who lives near the Ramona Gardens housing development, links a lack of quality, affordable produce in her community to a gap in public transportation for the neighborhood. These factors work together to increase the incidence of chronic disease she witnesses around her. “There are no supermarkets near Ramona Gardens and you […]

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Collaboration brings walkability to Lamont

A coalition of community groups, with the Kern County Roads Department, successfully competed for $1.43 million in state funds to improve walkability in Lamont. The construction of sidewalks, crosswalks, curbs and gutters is expected to begin later this year. “These dollars will improve health outcomes by promoting safe walking opportunities throughout the community and easier access to services.” Read […]

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