Dating While Trans: A Love Story

For Valentine’s Day, Youth Radio’s Desmond Meagley reflected on their own experiences struggling, failing, and succeeding to find love. Despite the added challenges that Meagley’s explains trans people have to face when seeking out romance, this story has a happy ending. “Because trans folks don’t just deserve safety. We deserve love too.” Read more at […]

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Understanding Singular ‘They’

Youth Radio’s Desmond Meagley explains why using someone’s preferred gender pronouns is important. In their experience, it all comes down to respecting other people’s identities. “If they value my trust, they should respect who I am — including my gender pronouns.” Read more at Youth Radio.

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The true cost of transitioning

Transitioning genders can cost a lot—the prices of therapy, new clothing, hormones, name changes, and surgery start to rack up. Long Beach youth Abel Avalos explains his experiences with the difficult and costly transitioning process. “It takes time, a lot of emotional labor, patience and an ungodly amount of money.” Read more at VoiceWaves.

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Dear Mom, I need you

When Alice Evergreen looks in the mirror, she sees herself. But her mother sees a boy. In this first-person commentary, Evergreen penned a call to action for parents of transgender children to show unconditional love. “I’ve known my entire life that I am different, and I’ve accepted it, but knowing my mom does not has […]

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