Understanding Singular ‘They’

Youth Radio’s Desmond Meagley explains why using someone’s preferred gender pronouns is important. In their experience, it all comes down to respecting other people’s identities. “If they value my trust, they should respect who I am — including my gender pronouns.” Read more at Youth Radio.

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The true cost of transitioning

Transitioning genders can cost a lot—the prices of therapy, new clothing, hormones, name changes, and surgery start to rack up. Long Beach youth Abel Avalos explains his experiences with the difficult and costly transitioning process. “It takes time, a lot of emotional labor, patience and an ungodly amount of money.” Read more at VoiceWaves.

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Dear Mom, I need you

When Alice Evergreen looks in the mirror, she sees herself. But her mother sees a boy. In this first-person commentary, Evergreen penned a call to action for parents of transgender children to show unconditional love. “I’ve known my entire life that I am different, and I’ve accepted it, but knowing my mom does not has […]

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Rejecting guidelines on transgender bathrooms puts all students at risk

Kern School Board trustee Chad Vegas recently told a local news site that he would not comply with the Obama Administration’s recently issued federal guidelines requiring that schools allow transgender students to use restroom facilities that correspond to their gender identity. Youth reporter Dean Welliver has something to say about how his local officials are failing to protect […]

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What’s behind North Carolina’s bathroom bill?

North Carolina has become the battleground for federal rights for transgender people, as the state’s bill outlining bathroom restrictions has provoked responses from businesses, social media, and the U.S. Justice Department. “North Carolina’s law does not come as a surprise, when there is often overwhelming silence about issues facing the trans community, especially trans women of color. This […]

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Teens today are more openly queer

More than half of teenagers today identify as somewhere on the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer) spectrum, according to a new report. Keisa Reynolds says the statistic doesn’t surprise her — even a young person like herself has to see that the culture is changing rapidly. “My niece is part of Generation Z, the latter half of […]

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Bakersfield trans community demands ‘Justice for Jasmine’

Violence targeting transgender individuals has risen in recent years across the country, especially against transgender women of color. In January, Bakersfield resident Jasmine Sierra was found dead in her apartment—and activists say law enforcement needs to do more to make transgender citizens feel safe. Police and media reports used her former, male name and made no mention of her transgender identity. “It saddens […]

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