Black History Built America

The kNOw Youth Media is highlighting various black figures who made amazing contributions to America in honor of Black History Month. To tell the stories of these groundbreaking African-Americans in history, Ruben Diaz, 16, created original drawings to pair with the backstories of these pioneers. See all the figures who are being honored this month […]

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#BlackLivesMatter in Fresno

Youth media reporters captured the faces, slogans, signs, and expressions of Fresnans who gathered on July 9 for a Black Lives Matter demonstration. Protesters marched from Fresno to Clovis with a common purpose to draw attention to police brutality. See the photographs at The Know.

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The slum lords of Fresno

Mice and mold. No heat, no hot water, no smoke detectors. Unresponsive landlords. These are the conditions that have driven Fresnans to speak out about bad and illegal housing conditions in the city, where almost one third of all residents live below the poverty line. “If you don’t have any money, they feel they can […]

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