Youth and the marijuana industry

The abundant marijuana farms in Humboldt County attract young people from all over to prepare the year’s harvest for the market.  The locals have a name for these migrant workers: “trimmigrants.” They trim the product by separating the buds from stems and seeds, and weighing out different portion sizes.  But members of this transient group are taking some risks – they don’t always […]

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Career paths thwarted by a criminal past

This short film explores the job application process for people who have a sparse job history or a criminal record from their younger years. How do past mistakes affect the opportunities available as young offenders enter adulthood? And where can they turn when they’re turned away from the formal economy? Watch one woman’s narrative in a piece from Media […]

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Internships help teens find their niche in public health

Public Health Solutions is a training course that serves as an introduction to a career in public health by guiding the passions of teens towards the needs of the community. The program connects youth to internships in the local health care field, helping them find a place to practice what they love to do. “I always loved going to the doctor’s office. Even if I had to […]

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Youth workgroup identifies community needs

South Sacramento was chosen as a site for the Building Healthy Communities (BHC) initiative because it was relatively lacking in certain areas of community health. One goal tagged by the foundation as vital was supporting community members’ engagement in the process of transforming their own neighborhoods, and engaging youth in that process. Called on to identify problems for young […]

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Merced residents call for more investment in youth

Merced residents gathered for the official launch of  “Invest In Our Youth,” a campaign to increase funds for youth services and persuade business owners to hire teens.  Speakers highlighted youth employment and recreational opportunities as vital factors in paving the future of Merced’s youth. One youth spoke about his job-hunting frustrations. “All we want is a chance. We’re willing to work […]

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