The Battle for Net Neutrality

With the impending vote on repealing Net Neutrality, some people are still unaware of the policy’s importance. The kNOw’s Enrique Little breaks it down for us. “Most people aren’t aware that if net neutrality is repealed the way that we live our lives could change drastically.” Read more at the kNOw.

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Federal effort could help get Boyle Heights ‘wired’

While using the internet has become essential, home access is still a luxury for many Americans. That could change, partly due to a federal effort to close the digital divide. In Los Angeles, city leaders spearheaded a $5 billion initiative to take advantage of the effort and provide affordable or even free broadband and wireless service to all city residents and businesses. This […]

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Teaching tech to mom

Those of us who grew up with the language of computers have the special honor of teaching our parents and grandparents how to navigate the digital age.  “[M]y mom taught me my ABC’s and how to make spaghetti… Now I’m the teacher. I was twelve when I learned how to make a Powerpoint. My mom […]

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Digital divide in high school

Catory Goodman doesn’t have a computer at home, a lack that hampers her academic progress at school. What does a student have to do to overcome the “digital divide” at school? Hear about navigating school without a computer in the technology-centered era, on Youth Radio.

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New app for mapping local youth resources

A new app for local youth commissioned by Del Norte’s health department is on it’s way.  Called “The Map,” the app is an infographic index of services. Through computers and mobile devices, it allows users to access information about youth programs and services, rate their experience at different organizations and businesses, and connect with others based on common needs and interests. […]

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Parents applaud Common Core, but cite challenges

Recently-launched Common Core curricula aim to revamp how schools teach arts and math by placing greater emphasis on critical thinking, problem solving, real-world applications, and computer navigation — raising expectations for students to speak, write and understand English.  But overcoming barriers to involving parents requires aggressive outreach, especially to those parents who don’t speak English.  “They only used to say, two plus three is five, and […]

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Get off your cell phone, dad

Texting while driving is often described as a teen habit, but Maya Escobar argues that adults are texting and driving even more than teens.  The cell phone addiction crosses generations, even if teens are criticized more for constantly being on their phones.   “I think people use mobile technology in a more reflexive way, and I […]

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