College Stress: Are You Overworked?

An alarming number of college students report being stressed about academics—so why is no one freaking out about these stats? VoiceWaves interviewed two Cal State Long Beach students to hear about their stressors and how they cope. “In college, you’re going to be stress, you’re going to be broke, and you’re going to be hungry. […]

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Stress management

Bills, childcare, budgets, school, jobs and other demands can cause a lot of stress. This video produced by students withe the Victoria Blended Community School in San Diego County combines ideas about how to combat stress with creative real-time sketches. Watch the video at Media Arts Center.  

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Stressing during testing

Are you the type of person who constantly stresses during testing season?  Here are some tips that can help you overcome stress and complete your test in a calm and collected manner. “Imagine yourself doing well on the test… You might have to force a positive attitude in the face of an exam, but it will help you […]

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‘Everyday courage’ can inspire health

The California Endowment conference, “Health Happens with Everyday Courage,” brought together celebrities and community leaders to promote community-based approaches to chronic problems like stress and trauma. Creative people and community members shared tales of resilience. “Traumatic stress, especially without the right support, is strongly associated with increases in the risks of lifelong physical and socio-emotional health problems.” Attendees spoke about the […]

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Teens and stress

Results from a recent survey concluded that teens are the most stressed out age group in the country today. Thinking about school, money, and their futures, teens reported, left them feeling overwhelmed, fatigued, or depressed. “I feel that I have to do good in school so that I can one day be successful… I want to be able […]

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What is ‘everyday courage’?

This week on Sacsposé, correspondents talk about how we’re affected by the stressors in our lives and why it’s important to be proactive in dealing with stress. The California Endowment started the “Everyday Courage” campaign to get the conversation going.  Youth discuss their perspectives on the issue in a podcast on Access Sacramento.

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