Mental Illness Is Not A Choice

Ja’Nell Gore shares her opinions on the rampant portrayal of depression and anxiety as romanticized mental health issues. From her own experiences, she knows firsthand that these are not issues that people choose to have. “Too often social media gives a misconception of what depression looks like and sometimes even romanticizes it.” Read more at […]

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Instagram, Not So Picture Perfect

In the age of social media, anyone can cultivate a misleading online presence. For Youth Radio’s Olivia Monforte, she’s started to realize just how manipulative this identity can be. “When I scroll through my Instagram feed of all the trendy and wild people I follow, sometimes it’s hard to remember that they probably embellish their […]

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Two entrepreneurs create a Latinx Yelp

When Raquel García and Brittany Chávez first launched their Shop LatinX Instagram account, they never imagined their social media platform could draw so much attention. But now they’ve expanded into an online database and web magazine, all dedicated to promoting Latinx products and services in Boyle Heights and beyond. “And that’s what they’re doing, providing […]

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Sad youth and social narcotics

Social media has a detrimental impact on the health of young people, according to a recent study by the American Psychological Association. AccessLocal reporter Julian DeLeonardis interviews young people about how they use social media, and how it makes them feel. “It gives me jolts of excitement, I guess, but does it make me happy? […]

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Trump’s Tweets Not 🔥

A digital-native Bay Area Millennial gives President Donald Trump advice on how to use social media. Fashion blogger Justina Sharp suggested the President would appeal more to teens if his messages aren’t just reactionary but also explain “what he’s about” and sound more presidential. “That means no more subtweeting the leaders of the world or […]

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Is social media harming the mental health of young people?

Social media was the catalyst for Cal State University Long Beach student Alyse Pichly suffering a severe panic attack that put her in a Long Beach psychiatric ward. Some researchers say social media users compare themselves to one another; and the comparisons often trigger jealous or vindictive feelings upon seeing posts about other people’s romances, travel, or success. “The […]

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Advertising, the media, and body image

With a barrage of social media interlaced with advertising, girls and young women today live with a confusing set of expectations about their identity and appearance. “[With these sites] we’ve opened ourselves up to a whole new form of scrutiny from our peers.” Young women tell their personal stories about body image, and how they think women are portrayed in advertising, in a […]

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