Local college to go smoke-free

The Sacramento Community College is going smoke and tobacco free by the fall semester, making it the last of the Los Rios colleges to ban smoking on campus. This change comes after a survey last spring showed that about half of teachers and students said they would prefer a smoke-free campus. “In addition to being harmful to health, addiction to […]

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Vaping: too big a hit?

A new shop called “High Tide Vapes” recently opened in Crescent City,  an emerging market in northern California: e-cigarettes, or “vapes.” Vape sellers argue that their product helps smokers quit tobacco, but health authorities warn against using them as a “safe alternative.” E-cigarettes have not been studied long-term, and their harm-free image threatens to create a new addiction for youth who never […]

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Confessions of an e-cig salesman

Many youth are taking up e-cigarettes saying they want to quit tobacco or keep smoking minus the health effects, but the reality is the substitution won’t help them accomplish much beyond smoking in public places where tobacco has been banned.  One youth who took a job as a “brand salesman” for an e-cigarette company divulges what is known about the […]

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