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‘Day of Silence’ calls attention to bullying

As debates around gender identity and sexual orientation spark discussions among students across the country, some schools — like Hoover High School in City Heights — have dedicated a Day of Silence to supporting those who … Continue reading

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Advocates continue to push school district towards restorative justice

Under the Local Control Funding Formula, a school district is required to incorporate community input when formulating a budget with money it receives from the state. But local advocates are saying Coachella Valley’s … Continue reading

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Ethnic studies classes educate Boyle Heights students on neighborhood history

On March 6, 1968, hundreds of students poured out of their classrooms and marched to the main entrance of Theodore Roosevelt High School. With Boyle Heights and East Los Angeles at the … Continue reading

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Combating the stigma of mental illness

According to, about 25 percent of youth in Merced County report having depression or other major mental illnesses. Victor Seguin reports that, at his school, nurse’s offices post signs encouraging people to quit smoking, or informing … Continue reading

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Put equity before equality in school funding

The Local Control Funding Formula was designed to benefit student populations that have the greatest need for support — the law indicates that districts should allot more money to schools that serve larger numbers of low-income students, … Continue reading

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LGBT youth feel more accepted in Boyle Heights, but say prejudice lingers

LGBT students in Boyle Heights say they live in a time when many classmates are either indifferent to or accepting of their sexual orientations; but some are still afraid of what might … Continue reading

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What high school doesn’t teach

Tavonne Larkin keeps being surprised by the things she didn’t learn in high school — things she wishes she had some warning about. “As a teenager, I’m required to take certain classes like … Continue reading

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Pretty but poorer: Boyle Heights’ pricey proms

The average U.S. high school senior spends, according to a Visa survey, $919 on his or her prom. The high cost of these and other graduation events place a heavy financial … Continue reading

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Black grads matter

Richmond High School held its first-ever black graduation ceremony this year, honoring African American students from area high schools for their academic achievements. Event organizers from the Black Student Union offered an … Continue reading

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Bill looks to enact suicide prevention policies in schools

A new bill introduced by a Long Beach legislator would require schools to devise suicide prevention policies that target high-risk students. Assembly Bill 2246 would also institute training for teachers that would familiarize them with … Continue reading

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