Bakersfield trans community demands ‘Justice for Jasmine’

Violence targeting transgender individuals has risen in recent years across the country, especially against transgender women of color. In January, Bakersfield resident Jasmine Sierra was found dead in her apartment—and activists say law enforcement needs to do more to make transgender citizens feel safe. Police and media reports used her former, male name and made no mention of her transgender identity. “It saddens […]

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Yellow Brick Road Play Street unveiled in Richmond

The Richmond nonprofit Pogo Park hosted the grand opening of the Yellow Brick Road Play Street, which includes a series of parks, walking paths and a roundabout in the city’s Iron Triangle neighborhood. The street is designed with yellow bricks to mark a safe zone for walking and playing. “Play is the very essence of childhood and a critical component in closing the […]

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With declining ridership, report card for Fresno buses

Fresno’s public transit system reports declining ridership, even as an updated rapid bus system is scheduled to launch next January. A high school student in Fresno gives the current buses—Fresno Area Express, or FAX—poor grades for safety, cleanliness, and schedule. “Fresno’s population is projected to keep growing, and our city public transit needs to keep up.” A report card […]

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Generation lockdown

At the beginning of this school year, a football game at Kennedy High School in Richmond, California, was interrupted by gunshots only 20 yards away from the field. Guns on school campuses don’t always end up being the mass killings that make national news— unless you live near there, you probably never even heard about it. […]

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Internet safety PSA

A short PSA illustrates how innocent-seeming social media posts can give away information that could be used by strangers to prey on vulnerable youth. See the video on internet safety, by Media Arts Center San Diego.

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Did you lock me in or out?

Students share their opinions about the effectiveness of lockdowns as protection against any threat of violence in the school. “The first time I was in a lockdown, there was a person in the area where my school was, and he was armed and had fired his gun multiple times… I did feel safer in a lockdown.” […]

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