Why You Shouldn’t ‘Dress Up Like a Native’ on Halloween

For many, Halloween is the most exciting time of year; for others, it’s a disheartening holiday that perpetuates the dehumanization of their culture and heritage. Richmond’s Isabella Zizi is tired of having to explain to people why ‘dressing like a native’ is disrespectful. “Many times people think they are respecting or representing indigenous people when […]

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My first encounter with racism

A boy being followed by a white police officer on his walk home from school. A girl hearing a racial slur aimed at her at a pizza shop. Young people recount their first experiences of racism for a feature collaboration by the New York Times and Youth Radio. “I was taken aback, but not exactly […]

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Is that my president?

The anti-immigrant speech of president-elect Donald Trump was not lost on young people in America with immigrant families. Youth writer Nora Ramirez opens up about how she will find it difficult to call Trump her president because of the way he has disparaged Latinos. “He pointed me out, he despised me, he hurt me, he […]

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