Why Is Everyone So Upset?

With constant outcry over the state of our country, it’s easy to get lost between two very different sides. Fresno’s Miguel Bibanco explains some of the responses to many of today’s biggest political debates. “Instead of asking for change, justice or equality let’s just stick to the status quo.” Read more at The kNOw.

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What Pepsi got wrong

A Pepsi commercial starring model Kendall Jenner giving a police officer a soda during a protest was a failed attempt to exploit the emotion behind the Black Lives Matter movement, says youth writer Keisa Reynolds.  Pepsi executives pulled the advertisement and issued an apology that this writer says falls short of acknowledging how the ad […]

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We are still here

Youth reporter Ben Novotny took to prose and verse to express his defiance against bigotry, hate and abuse of power. It’s a poem that could be chanted in the streets. “We are still here because we cannot let great power go unchecked.” Read Novotny’s poem at VoiceWaves.

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Ethnic studies classes educate Boyle Heights students on neighborhood history

On March 6, 1968, hundreds of students poured out of their classrooms and marched to the main entrance of Theodore Roosevelt High School. With Boyle Heights and East Los Angeles at the epicenter, the protest animated the frustration of urban Chicano youth with injustices in the school system. “Yet many young people don’t know about that history. Today a […]

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Walking the line: Reporting on protests and police

The Bay Area Black Journalists Association hosted a conversation about how professional and citizen journalists as well as community members can responsibly report on the historic demonstrations happening across the country. “What [under-cover reporters at the #BlackLivesMatter protests] came back and said – what I think we were most disappointed with – was that the protests they were seeing were not then […]

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Demonstrators: UC campus should benefit Richmond

UC Berkeley’s new Global Campus will be the biggest economic development to come to Richmond since the shipyards of World War II, and local activists want to ensure the development has value for Richmond’s local residents – or at least won’t harm them. They are pushing a community benefits agreement between the city and the university, urging financial protections for existing neighborhoods. […]

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