We are still here

Youth reporter Ben Novotny took to prose and verse to express his defiance against bigotry, hate and abuse of power. It’s a poem that could be chanted in the streets. “We are still here because we cannot let great power go unchecked.” Read Novotny’s poem at VoiceWaves.

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Fresno youth weigh in: The Trump Tapes

Fresno students reflect on the impact of the boastful and vulgar statements by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in leaked audio recordings that captured him boasting about forcing himself on women. “It’s insulting to women, but it also insults men as it assumes that this is how all men behave behind closed doors.” Read more […]

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Young voters: What’s on our minds

Career prospects for Millennials, police conduct and harassment, gentrification — those are just some of the topics top of mind for young people in this election year. Youth reporter Keisa Reynolds reflects on whether local or national candidates are keeping her generation in mind. “The real question now is where the presidential candidates, state and local […]

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