Tensions between police and people of color persist in the new year

A youth reporter sat with officers from the Sacramento Police Department, and found her views on the character of cops slightly altered. “There are good cops and there bad cops. Guilty suspects exist just as the innocent do. No one is for certain who is who, but lives are being lost… Consequently, tensions live on.” Read the commentary […]

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#BlackLivesMatter: Richmond youth protest police brutality

Although the city’s homicides in 2014 dropped to the lowest number in decades, its residents felt the pull of protest against police brutality in the wake of Michael Brown’s death. And Richmond made headlines when its own Chief of Police joined the protests while wearing his uniform (Chief Magnus gave an interview to Richmond Pulse about his decision). The RYSE Youth […]

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Study shows negative impact of police in Oakland schools

Since the Newtown school shootings, school officials and administrators have been pushing for more police presence in schools.  But studies show that the police aren’t helping reduce student misconduct.  “Policing is a kind of reactive model; not really proactive.  There’s only 20.5 guidance counselors in the Oakland Unified School District. That’s only 1 counselor for almost 2,000 […]

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Q&A: Police captain Martín Baeza

Los Angeles Police captain Martín Baeza has returned to the Hollenbeck Division as a commanding officer.  Beat reporters interviewed him and got his take on on community policing, fear of cops, and immigration. “The biggest challenge I face is how do I engage the community to understand that they are also responsible for making their neighborhood […]

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Trayvon & Oscar: A Parallel Tale

Born and raised in Oakland, a young reporter feels a vivid connection to the dialogue, characters and story in film “Fruitvale Station,” especially in light of the George Zimmerman trial verdict. “Covering the Oscar Grant saga so closely, taught me a lesson about becoming emotionally involved in the doings of America’s justice system.” Youth Radio.

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