A New Home Called Frostbite

A poem highlighting homelessness in the city of Merced and Merced County. According to the Merced City and County Continuum of Care, the City of Merced homeless count dropped very slightly from 318 to 310 in 2018, though the number of displaced people in Merced County rose from 454 to 514. Read more at We’Ced.

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Our love is not so different

Merced recently joined San Francisco, New York, and others on the growing list of cities hosting Pride Week to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community. Student activist Layla Ornelas shares her poetry about how far LGBTQ+ rights have come, and how far they still need to go. “Our pride will never waiver. Our fight will never fade.” […]

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Vitality: A poem

Fresno college student Patrick Antunez describes the unbridled skill and energy of a lion stalking prey in a poem exploring what it means to be alive titled “Vitality.” He contrasts images of power with quiet and vulnerable moments. “You go from running in your city / To chasing a flickering light / Scared, that the […]

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Poetry: My favorite color

Fresno 16-year-old Angel Vargas uses the colors of the rainbow in this poem to explore a vision of herself. The colors represent her aspirations, dreams and self-doubts. “Oh, I wish for a life more colorful, / When I look at the sky all I see are overcast clouds.” Read more at The kNOw.

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We are still here

Youth reporter Ben Novotny took to prose and verse to express his defiance against bigotry, hate and abuse of power. It’s a poem that could be chanted in the streets. “We are still here because we cannot let great power go unchecked.” Read Novotny’s poem at VoiceWaves.

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