FACES – Building a future with Rady Children’s Hospital

Health providers in San Diego say their industry needs students from City Heights to train in the healthcare professions — a diverse workforce to serve a diverse patient population. FACES for the Future is a career mentorship program that seeks to do just that. “FACES was created to help inspire and support youth in succeeding academically, and to prepare youth for […]

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Experiencing the IGNITE Young Women’s Leadership Conference

We’Ced Youth Media sent five youth reporters to attend the IGNITE Young Women’s Political Leadership Conference in San Francisco. Timed to coincide with Women’s History Month, the event focused on inspiring political activism and leadership in young women from underserved communities. “[The keynote speaker] encouraged us to find value in every position/persona we take on, because […]

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Finding power in the group

Boys from Richmond High School have been offered an opportunity to get help on a personal level while at school. The Young Men’s Empowerment Group is was created to lend support and healing for youth who’ve experienced trauma and troubles in their family and social lives. They talk about how helping the community is healing, and discuss ways to express […]

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Mentorship program launched for Fresno’s young women

A new mentorship program has been launched to focus specifically on Fresno’s young women and the challenges they face. By recruiting female professionals as mentors — faith-based leaders, community organizers, and legal experts, among others — the Fresno Young Women’s Mentorship Program hopes a young women-centered support network will fill a hole among programs of this nature, which are often geared to young men. “I hope to gain […]

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Teen aims for higher education

Fabian Maciel entered high school with a plan to get to college with a football scholarship, then study architecture, graduate, and help his family rise from poverty and move out of subsidized housing projects. A local police officer coached Maciel in the police-run football program and intervened on his behalf to help him get into a private school in Boyle Heights. “He’s motivated, he’s driven, […]

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A young leader helping others look beyond the fields

Kern County has many communities within which college degrees, and sometimes high school educations, are new accomplishments in first-generation immigrant families. These goals can seem distant for children of migrant workers, for example, and even more distant to foster youth. But now these youth have an advocate who is working to put college well in reach. “To get a kid to and through […]

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When men read, children listen

Real Men Read is a program in which men from a variety of professions read aloud to kids in classrooms once a month. Volunteers in Richmond, mostly African American, are participating in a national initiative to emphasize reading as the foundation for all learning. “If we can get them interested in reading in elementary, those habits will continue in junior high and high school.” More […]

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