Latino artists motivating communities to vote in united bloc

In a coordinated effort using live performances, online and social media campaigning, and mass media, popular music artists are sending a message to Latino voters: Vote for people that will help the Latino community. “We’re such a pop culture driven society that celebrities can easily call attention to social issues as well as political ones. I think Latino […]

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The (white) eagle, eating a snake

Alex Buckley identifies as Latino – he has Mexican heritage – but other people in his community often reject him as a white boy posing as a Mexican because he thinks it’s the cool thing to be. Alex has to find ways to accept the different strains of his identity – his physical appearance, which he doesn’t […]

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An American Latino in Paris

In his third year of UCLA, Ricardo Ayala got to study abroad in Paris, France. A trip to the beautiful and historic city is luxurious for anyone, but for Ricardo, who comes from a working class family that rarely had the resources to travel, it was an opportunity to explore the similarities and differences of foreign […]

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Q&A: Police captain Martín Baeza

Los Angeles Police captain Martín Baeza has returned to the Hollenbeck Division as a commanding officer.  Beat reporters interviewed him and got his take on on community policing, fear of cops, and immigration. “The biggest challenge I face is how do I engage the community to understand that they are also responsible for making their neighborhood […]

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