Crisis on Tribal Lands

The community is still calling for justice, one year after a 13-year-old Native boy who was shot and killed near his home on the Yurok reservation in rural northern California. Prosecutors declined to file charges against a prime suspect. Family members and tribal members have taken to the streets to protest the way law enforcement […]

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Bakersfield trans community demands ‘Justice for Jasmine’

Violence targeting transgender individuals has risen in recent years across the country, especially against transgender women of color. In January, Bakersfield resident Jasmine Sierra was found dead in her apartment—and activists say law enforcement needs to do more to make transgender citizens feel safe. Police and media reports used her former, male name and made no mention of her transgender identity. “It saddens […]

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Kern faith leaders press for police reform

A cross-denominational group of leaders from religious congregations met to strategize about how to address community concerns with law enforcement protocol. The group floated ideas like independent oversight, a citizens review board, and a separation between agencies that work with police from those which investigate and prosecute officer-related shootings. Principles of restorative justice and civil rights defined the group’s model for police reform. “Even […]

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Friends and family gather to demand accountability in police violence investigations

Friends and families of people killed by police in Kern County converged at Heritage Park to demand that law enforcement officials properly investigate fatal police-involved incidents. The District Attorney announced that — going forward — her office would review officer-involved shootings and uses of force resulting in death. But that wasn’t enough for people who’d already lost loved ones. They called for third-party, “truly independent” investigations of […]

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Caravan seeks to end mass detention

Immigration advocates, youth leaders, and community organizers caravanned from Oakland to Bakersfield, converging in a protest at Mesa Verde, a privately owned detention center. A recent campaign successfully pressured officials for the release of Ghanaian Kwesi Amuse, who was seeking U.S. asylum and was being indefinitely detained. “Black immigrants from Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean are overrepresented in immigration detention centers at […]

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Art exhibit aims to ‘Manifest Justice’

Manifest Justice, the exhibit that ran in Los Angeles this month, features work from some 200 artists focusing on issues impacting communities of color. Prominent themes are mass incarceration and police brutality, with pieces giving artistic representation to civil unrest in cities across America. “We are currently in a moment that is literally on fire. For every moment that we have faced, […]

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Manifest justice: a photo essay

Art in the “Manifest Justice” exhibition in Los Angeles highlights inequities and violence in America. Alyssa Castro, of Merced, photographed the pieces that most impacted her. “I’ve never been exposed to such a large amount of art that highlights social justice.” See the photos on We’Ced.

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