How I Learned to Love My Own Skin

Throughout her childhood, Eneceia Lang was picked on for her dark skin, even in spaces where she thought she would be safe from the torment, other members of the black community would still. But after some time, she has learned to think differently about her skin. “Today, I look at my skin as if it’s […]

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Who Am I?

“Who am I?” It’s a question that many people, especially teenagers, have asked themselves. Fresno’s Maria Torres believes she has found the answer, and she shares it through a video. “Maybe I’m not just one thing. Maybe one word or stereotype doesn’t define me. Maybe I could be many things. Or maybe I could just […]

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Tattooing my identity

With each new tattoo, a young woman is claiming pieces of her history. Raised in the foster care system, she’s gradually learning about her family and her Mexican culture. “I’m using tattoos to inscribe my family’s story on my skin, because I went so long not knowing my history or my identity.” Listen to the […]

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Without borders in San Diego

The U.S.-Mexico border is an arbitrary and fluid division for people with lives rooted in both worlds. A San Diego art exhibit featured artists works exploring the concept of being borderless showed writer Andrea Morín about herself. “We are all trying to be better every day at what we set out to do. We all […]

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Am I Latina enough?

A Latina teen grew up dealing with people questioning her identity because she didn’t speak Spanish and has curly hair. A trip to another part of California changed the way she thinks about her culture. “There, I saw Latinos with many different skin tones, types of hair, and levels of Spanish fluency.” Listen to the […]

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Art in the collective voice

In just nine months, 18 young women from the City Heights community in San Diego built a body of photography and writings that explore identity and contemporary women’s issues. Called “Collective Voices,” these young people came together each Friday night through the AjA Project and produced collaborative, self-exploratory images and narratives. “This installation recognizes the […]

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