Hiding teen homelessness

At 13 years old, Vrndavana Hines was kicked out of his house and became homeless. He lived out his teens on the streets, but hid that fact from school counselors, friends and others in his life.“Many homeless teens don’t want anyone to know. Not because we don’t need help, but because we have too much […]

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How do we protect youth from homelessness?

Young adults seeking public housing? Good luck. Youth reporter Kasey Saeturn examines the growing population of homeless youth in San Francisco, where as many as 1,600 young adults are without a home on any given night. Skyrocketing rental prices in major cities has led non-profit organizations to start building housing for homeless youth who might otherwise fall through […]

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Long Beach business owners field complaints of poor treatment by homeless

Long Beach has the fourth highest rate of unsheltered homeless people for major cities in the nation, according to a 2013 government report. The growing tension between the homeless population in Long Beach and nearby businesses has become a contentious issue in downtown Long Beach; community stakeholders recently hosted a panel on the topic. “People keep saying [the problem] is ‘unsolvable,’ but […]

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Advocating for the most vulnerable

Gloria Sandoval, a recently-retired high school guidance counselor, is a fixture at local demonstrations and city meetings. She identifies homelessness as a key issue obstructing equality in Merced. “My recent interest in homelessness is that I keep hearing that it’s increasing more and more. I’m trying to find out why, and why it hasn’t been […]

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Hidden hunger in the ‘farm to fork’ capital

In another event meant to shed light on a local problem hidden from view, community organizations came together to discuss hunger in Sacramento and trade ideas to eliminate it. “More than 6.2 million Californians don’t always know where their next meal is coming from. In Sacramento County, 50,000 go hungry each day. These people are our neighbors, co-workers, friends, and family […]

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A public safety funding debate

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department is seeking additional funding in order to improve on police presence in high-risk areas, and help the department better respond to emergency calls. Others argue that addressing homelessness and improving the lives of young people with education are the way to prevent crime in the long-term. How does a community decide how […]

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Homeless of City Heights speak about change

The AjA Project’s YAC Youth Media team set out to measure the impact of social investments aimed at improving communities in City Heights that are suffering economically and health-wise. Beyond looking at rates of poverty and unemployment, they wanted to explore how individuals perceive change in their communities and quality of life, and what kinds of things residents believe […]

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Counting Boyle Heights’ homeless

Forty volunteers from Boyle Heights opted in as community participants in the 2015 Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count, part of a national tally to keep track of the severity and causes of homelessness in American cities. The Boyle Heights homeless count fell on the same night as the Skid Row count downtown; advocates link the two areas […]

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