I lost my Dad to gun violence

Dominik Vaughan was in fourth grade when his father was shot and killed. Years have passed since the first grief-stricken day Vaughan learned his father had died, and he reflects on the unfair impact of gun violence within communities of color. “My father died because a teenager was modeling the bad life choices he saw […]

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Generation lockdown

At the beginning of this school year, a football game at Kennedy High School in Richmond, California, was interrupted by gunshots only 20 yards away from the field. Guns on school campuses don’t always end up being the mass killings that make national news— unless you live near there, you probably never even heard about it. […]

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Fuego en mi corazón

This video profiles one young man as he tells the sad story that drove his family’s decision to cross the border into the United States. He shares his healing process at the 2015 Sons and Brothers Camp at Grizzle Creek Camp. See the video from DetermiNation.

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Did you lock me in or out?

Students share their opinions about the effectiveness of lockdowns as protection against any threat of violence in the school. “The first time I was in a lockdown, there was a person in the area where my school was, and he was armed and had fired his gun multiple times… I did feel safer in a lockdown.” […]

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