Advertising, the media, and body image

With a barrage of social media interlaced with advertising, girls and young women today live with a confusing set of expectations about their identity and appearance. “[With these sites] we’ve opened ourselves up to a whole new form of scrutiny from our peers.” Young women tell their personal stories about body image, and how they think women are portrayed in advertising, in a […]

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Goodbye to the one-size-fits-all Barbie

For nearly six decades, little girls the world over have idolized Barbie’s iconic figure—slim waist, long legs, flowing blonde hair. Last year, Barbie designers launched three new body types—curvy, petite, and tall—along with new hairstyles and skin shades that attempt to reflect some of the diversity of the 21st century American girl. “It’s not even about race – […]

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2015 Sisters and Brothers Conference youth profile: Sandra Muniz

The Free Our Dreams Conference saw hundreds of youth converge at the State Capitol in August of 2015, all committed to improving opportunities for California’s young people of color. Amidst references to previous campaigns, Sons and Brothers and the Alliance for Boys and Men of Color, Sandra Muniz wanted to be a part of a specific campaign geared toward women. She participated in the workshop titled “Advanced strategy session for girls […]

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Interview with a transgender elder

Vicky Estrada, a 64 year-old transgender woman, has become a cultural leader in San Diego. In an interview, she talks about her relationship with her family and her community, as she reveals to others the person she has always been. “Probably I first felt like this when I was ten years-old. But I didn’t tell anybody until I was—my gosh—fifty years-old… [Before] […]

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Children on gender roles

How do children today process gender roles and stereotypes? Do they define gender as real and unchangeable, and how early do these ideas set in? Hear what children say about gender roles in school, and what their parents think have changed over the generations, in a video from Media Arts Center San Diego.

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Experiencing the IGNITE Young Women’s Leadership Conference

We’Ced Youth Media sent five youth reporters to attend the IGNITE Young Women’s Political Leadership Conference in San Francisco. Timed to coincide with Women’s History Month, the event focused on inspiring political activism and leadership in young women from underserved communities. “[The keynote speaker] encouraged us to find value in every position/persona we take on, because […]

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