‘Bending Genders’ Art Gallery

In his most recent photo series, photographer Alister Oliver breaks pop culture gender stereotypes by mixing gender-nonconforming aspects in his photos. Oliver hires primarily transgender models to break traditional views on gender roles. “His photography has taken him to different LGBTQ+ schools as a guest speaker and allowed him to meet some interesting people.” Read […]

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Understanding Singular ‘They’

Youth Radio’s Desmond Meagley explains why using someone’s preferred gender pronouns is important. In their experience, it all comes down to respecting other people’s identities. “If they value my trust, they should respect who I am — including my gender pronouns.” Read more at Youth Radio.

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Art in the collective voice

In just nine months, 18 young women from the City Heights community in San Diego built a body of photography and writings that explore identity and contemporary women’s issues. Called “Collective Voices,” these young people came together each Friday night through the AjA Project and produced collaborative, self-exploratory images and narratives. “This installation recognizes the […]

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The end of the tampon tax in California?

California is one of 40 states where tampons aren’t considered a necessity, and thus are subject to sales tax. But just last week, the State Assembly approved a bill that will end the so-called “luxury tax” on feminine hygiene products. “The luxury tax unfairly punished a gender for needing necessary hygiene products.” Youth reporters weighed in on why they support […]

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Looking for Madam President

Not everyone is impressed that there’s a real possibility of electing first female President of the United States, but some young women see it as a watershed that could define their own futures. “Electing a woman president — whether it happens in 2016 or later on — would give young girls like me the hope that one day we too can become president.” Rhea Park […]

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