Bakersfield Hosts First Pride March

Bakersfield’s first ever Pride March reflected the times: pride mixed with protest. The event paid tribute to the victim’s of the 2016 massacre at Orlando’s Pulse Nightclub, demanded health care access, addressed LGBTQ human rights worldwide, and raised the community’s visibility in their own city. “We are your neighbors, we are your school moms, we […]

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Gender talks: What is pride?

Gender Talk, an LGBTQ community group, poses the question, “What Is Pride?” In their responses, they discuss some of the themes surrounding Gay Pride.”To me, pride means being comfortable in your own skin and being able to represent your beliefs in a positive way.” See the video on Redwood Voice.

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Trans teen longs for true pride

Joseph Gonzalez-Ruiz learned in tenth grade that someone born biologically female could transition into a man. Once he came out publicly, he was excited to meet other trans youth at the San Francisco Gay Pride parade. But he didn’t feel the camaraderie he hoped for. “I didn’t see many transgender people on the stages and floats. Sure, I saw drag queens, but drag queens aren’t […]

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Gay athlete a role model for truth

Michael Sam, a star college football player, declared his gayness on national television and made international news.  Johnny Flores puts the story into context, hoping Sam’s openness will give far-reaching encouragement to other gay athletes.  “Young gay men and women will soon be able say to themselves, ‘If Michael Sam can play a professional sport […]

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