City Council Says No To “STOP

The Fresno City Council recently voted on the proposed ordinance, STOP (Safe Transfer of Objects to Pedestrians), that would fine drivers who give donations to panhandlers at intersections. The kNOw’s Patrick Antunez reports. Read more at The kNOw.

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Mardi Gras 2019

Fresno celebrated its 22nd annual Tower District Mardi Gras parade with extravagant floats, unique characters, good food, good music, necks full of beads and, of course, Kopi Sotiropulos’ wonderful smile. The kNOw’s Patrick Antunez compiled a photo gallery highlighting the most memorable moments from this year’s event. See the images at The kNOw.

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#BlackLivesMatter in Fresno

Youth media reporters captured the faces, slogans, signs, and expressions of Fresnans who gathered on July 9 for a Black Lives Matter demonstration. Protesters marched from Fresno to Clovis with a common purpose to draw attention to police brutality. See the photographs at The Know.

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The slum lords of Fresno

Mice and mold. No heat, no hot water, no smoke detectors. Unresponsive landlords. These are the conditions that have driven Fresnans to speak out about bad and illegal housing conditions in the city, where almost one third of all residents live below the poverty line. “If you don’t have any money, they feel they can […]

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Esmerelda Soria: Bringing Diversity and A Unique Perspective to Fresno City Council

The daughter of farmworkers, Esmerelda Soria was sworn into the Fresno City Council in January. She says of her struggles, “They were not the happiest moments in my childhood, but they were moments that shaped who I am today.” Learn more about the first woman elected to represent Fresno’s District One on The Know.

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