“Captain Marvel” Soars To New Heights

In the fight for representation, do girls see “Captain Marvel” as a win? Check out what The kNOw’s Izzy Rodriguez had to say about the movie, and how it measured up to her superhero expectations. Read more at The kNOw.

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Solo and the Sage of Spinoffs

With the upcoming release of “Solo,” yet another prequel to the “Star War” franchise, fans are beginning to question whether these spinoffs strengthen the hype around the series, or just deteriorate the quality of the storyline. “But the question isn’t how long a franchise can last, but at what point do the quality of films […]

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Documentary explores activism in East L.A.

The new documentary “East L.A. Interchange,” about the history of activism in Boyle Heights, premiered this weekend at the Downtown Film Festival L.A.  The feature-length film includes interviews with key Boyle Heights personalities, and takes its title from the famous freeway interchange that nearly split the neighborhood in half. “All of these external forces –the freeway, environmental pollution, redlining, the Japanese […]

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