It’s tough being a sneakerhead

Luis Lua, of the Eastern Coachella Valley, is a proud sneakerhead despite the obstacles he faces in expanding his collection. “Finances are tight for a lot of families, and the $100 plus price tag on most sneakers is beyond what many can or want to pay for. Plus, there are no local sneaker shops here.” True confessions of […]

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Richmond’s urban fashion

If you’re wondering about the hot fashion trends in Richmond right now – and where can you get in on the action – look no further. Fashion models at the RYSE Youth Center weighed in on their personal definitions of style. “Elijah Holford, 19, says that no matter what you wear, you should wear it with confidence. ‘Without confidence people will see […]

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Consumer appropriation in fashion

Youth Radio’s Isabella Ordaz saw that Forever 21 stores were stocking T-shirts with the image of a cultural icon, Frida Kahlo, but the painter’s signature traits were missing – notably “her mustache, her brown skin, or her badass image.” She got angry — and then she started talking to other teenagers about what it means when ethnic […]

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Swearing off sweatshop fashion

Her passion for clothing got complicated when Bianca Brooks traveled to Bangladesh on an exchange program and visited factories producing her favorite brands. She felt ashamed to be wearing the clothes made by young girls in a sweatshop. “Earlier this year, I realized the true cost of my trendy clothes, when I met a group of women I’d been stealing from my whole […]

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