Chimera Khala

My mother’s family tree is a confusing mass of thick, heavy limbs weaving through political borders and arranged marriages, congested with the green leaves of cousins from who-knows-where.” Read more at The kNOw

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In this desert nobody is a stranger

Slip into the shoes of a Coachella Valley student, and you’ll wake up before dawn to braid your sister’s hair while your parents are already at work in the fields. You’ll give out your grandmother’s homemade tamales to the bus driver, your teachers and others in your close community. “I want to leave too. But […]

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Losing a parent sucks

Just days after her fifth birthday, Leslie Perry’s father died. The Bay Area teen has found ways to  hold his memory close and bear the grief. “If you did lose a parent whether it was a little while ago or just recently you aren’t the only one.” Listen at Youth Radio.

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When economics divide siblings

As a family’s financial situation changes, so does the experience and opportunities of siblings. Emiliano Villa hears from his older sister about birthdays with many presents. That was years ago. “By the time I got old enough to remember things like birthday presents, the recession hit.” Read more at Youth Radio.

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Dear Mother…

A young woman from Fresno reflects on her distant and sometimes contentious relationship with her mother. Writing in letter form, she opens up about the pressure she feels to be perfect, and how that’s driven her to seek solace in her community. “When I hear about how you were raised, I understand that we are […]

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