‘My Voice Matters’

Many Americans believe that people with criminal convictions can’t vote in elections. But that’s not necessarily true. The American Civil Liberties Union is fighting to overturn and prevent laws designed to prevent certain kinds of people from voting. “Our Democracy is healthier when more people participate.” Watch the video produced by San Diego’s Media Arts Center.

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A father who doesn’t vote

Garrison Pennington, after discovering that his father doesn’t participate in elections, says that voting will be an act of independence for him. “I have followed my dad’s lead for most of my life, but if continuing to do so means giving up my vote, then I’m going to make my own choice.” His commentary aired on KCBS […]

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Iowa blog: first-time flyers and snow

Coachella Unincorporated youth reporters Karla Martinez and Naomi Carrion traveled to Iowa to join groups of students from Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington D.C. as part of the Mikva Challenge, a program that supports young people’s participation in the political process. “Today we are traveling to Iowa for the Iowa caucus! I am excited that I will get […]

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Why a Trump win would be a loss for Mexicans in the U.S.

Trump has dominated every headline with his flamboyance and his extreme platform for the country’s future, especially around immigration. Trump says he would deport over 11 million undocumented immigrants and repeal part of the 14th amendment, which allows birthright citizenship to children of undocumented immigrants. How are Latinos responding to the  outrageous Trump platform? “I thought we as a nation […]

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Organizers reference past and present in mobilizing voters

Community organizers in Merced are working to register potential voters for upcoming elections — coaxing them with history lessons and giving examples of how voting can force politicians to address issues that affect them. And, perhaps most importantly, they are explaining the year’s ballot measures. “Community members have told me that they don’t understand anything on the ballot. The wording is confusing… [they] read […]

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