When economics divide siblings

As a family’s financial situation changes, so does the experience and opportunities of siblings. Emiliano Villa hears from his older sister about birthdays with many presents. That was years ago. “By the time I got old enough to remember things like birthday presents, the recession hit.” Read more at Youth Radio.

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The end of the tampon tax in California?

California is one of 40 states where tampons aren’t considered a necessity, and thus are subject to sales tax. But just last week, the State Assembly approved a bill that will end the so-called “luxury tax” on feminine hygiene products. “The luxury tax unfairly punished a gender for needing necessary hygiene products.” Youth reporters weighed in on why they support […]

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Adulthood delayed by rising rents

Youth Radio reporter Desmond Meagley feels ready to live on his own… until he gets a reality check from browsing available Oakland rentals. His situation is compounded by lack of salary prospects. “[My] roommates and I wouldn’t even be considered unless we made over three times the posted rent. My heart sank. Students like me can’t get jobs […]

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Long Beach business owners field complaints of poor treatment by homeless

Long Beach has the fourth highest rate of unsheltered homeless people for major cities in the nation, according to a 2013 government report. The growing tension between the homeless population in Long Beach and nearby businesses has become a contentious issue in downtown Long Beach; community stakeholders recently hosted a panel on the topic. “People keep saying [the problem] is ‘unsolvable,’ but […]

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Why I support CSU faculty wage hike

More than 26,000 California State University professors and other faculty threatened to strike, successfully winning a salary hike beginning in June. CSU student and South Kern Sol reporter Randy Villegas supported his professors and CSU faculty in their demands for adequate pay. “My professors have a right to a living wage, one that represents just how hard they’ve worked to get […]

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What would you do with $5 million?

“What would you do if you had five million dollars?” It’s more money than most of us will see in a lifetime; but six youths from Sacramento attempted to answer the question in a creative way. Through photography, video, audio, and relief prints, young artists illustrated how they view Sacramento and how they would invest in the city to make […]

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