Drought demands water saving

The Know has been reporting on the California drought since it first emerged as a serious threat to the Central Valley’s residents and its economy. Becoming aware of the crisis has caused many of these youth to change their habits; here, they share easy ways for young people to begin doing their part to save water, on The Know.

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Introducing the Garden Club

It can be hard to see the value of some things before you’ve gotten your hands dirty. “When I first heard about the Garden Club, my impression was that it was just a job to be done and that it really wouldn’t end up having an effect on me.” Young people talk about their introduction to organic […]

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Sacramento earns 13th spot in national ranking of city parks

Sacramento, known for a long time as ‘The City of Trees’, was ranked thirteenth in the country for filling a highly-populated area abundant with high-quality, accessible parks. The nonprofit Trust for Public Land generated the rankings using three main characteristics: access, acreage, and facilities and investment. Some studies have associated parks with a lower rate of crime. “Parks are essential for our physical and mental […]

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Bus ads are not ‘too political’

South Fresno residents are engaged in an ongoing campaign to balance the number of public green spaces between the north and south sections of the city, the latter consisting of areas of highly concentrated poverty. So when the city of Fresno announced a $5.8 million plan to renovate city parks, the campaign posted bus advertisements depicting the disparity in parks; but Mayor Ashley Swearengin rejected […]

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Bill to combat arsenic in drinking water

A law presented to ensure safe drinking water for rural California communities received unanimous bipartisan support. The bill would amend the California Safe Drinking Water Act and require the State Water Resources Control Board to regulate groundwater against unsafe levels of arsenic. Testing in the Coachella Valley found that dozens of water systems had arsenic levels above the maximum contaminant limit. The rural communities most affected by arsenic contamination are home to […]

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Prepared for the next big quake? Ask a teen

People living on fault lines in Northern California have been warned about the destruction wrought by earthquakes. Teenagers’ aptitude with newer technology makes them more prepared than you’d think for a natural disaster. “In the wake of an earthquake, texts are the best way to get a hold of your loved ones since they use less data than phone calls… In that case, […]

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Water district approves plan to cut waste

All water agencies statewide must reduce their water usage by 25 percent, but four agencies in the Coachella Valley, rated among the highest per-capita water users in the state, have been ordered to reduce their water usage by 36 percent. The Valley’s water district has a strategy to meet the mandate, a plan with some regulatory heft, incorporating both fines and incentives to […]

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Students host Earth Day festival

Students from the Environmental Youth Alliance host the Earth Day festival each year, to instill environmental values in the community, like the three R’s of the environment: reduce, reuse and recycle. “We are all here, we have to live on this planet, and we all have to put in our effort and support the youth on […]

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Teens say California drought makes tap water taste funky

All California residents are supposed to be taking shorter showers these days, but it’s hard to appreciate the reality of the drought until the water problem affects us directly. Savannah Robinson and her friends noticed that Oakland’s tap water – which has always tasted as good as bottled water – has assumed a somewhat livelier taste profile. She dug in […]

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