How schools are responding to e-cigarettes

The FDA proposed last month to regulate e-cigarettes and ban their sale to minors. But e-cigarettes are growing in popularity, and schools are having to adopt policies to restrict their use among students.  Some schools punish e-smokers with suspension, while other counties give citations, send kids to youth court, or require extra classes. But kids are liking their vape pens. “Sometimes […]

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Vaping: too big a hit?

A new shop called “High Tide Vapes” recently opened in Crescent City,  an emerging market in northern California: e-cigarettes, or “vapes.” Vape sellers argue that their product helps smokers quit tobacco, but health authorities warn against using them as a “safe alternative.” E-cigarettes have not been studied long-term, and their harm-free image threatens to create a new addiction for youth who never […]

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Confessions of an e-cig salesman

Many youth are taking up e-cigarettes saying they want to quit tobacco or keep smoking minus the health effects, but the reality is the substitution won’t help them accomplish much beyond smoking in public places where tobacco has been banned.  One youth who took a job as a “brand salesman” for an e-cigarette company divulges what is known about the […]

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Do vape pens help teens quit smoking?

Nicotine is thought to be the most addictive substance available over the counter; but teens find out too late that once they start smoking, quitting is harder than they predicted.  Many come around to wanting to quit tobacco, and hear e-cigarettes (or “vape pens’), which contain nicotine but no tobacco, being touted as a transitional tool.  “I heard vape pens […]

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Do vape pens trick teens?

In this short documentary, Youth Radio explores what attracts young teens to smoking e-cigarettes, or “vaping.”  Vape pen manufacturers bill them as safe, and try to distinguish “vaping” from smoking — the user breathes in water vapor infused with nicotine and exhales what looks like smoke —  but they are habit forming and contain nicotine, a highly […]

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