I Turned to Self-Help Books to Deal with My Depression

The thought of seeing a therapist can sometimes feel terrifying and invasive to one’s privacy. YR Media’s Sarah Ng shares how she has dealt with her depression in an alternative way, helping her develop positive habits that work for her. Listen to her essay at YR Media.

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Mental Illness Is Not A Choice

Ja’Nell Gore shares her opinions on the rampant portrayal of depression and anxiety as romanticized mental health issues. From her own experiences, she knows firsthand that these are not issues that people choose to have. “Too often social media gives a misconception of what depression looks like and sometimes even romanticizes it.” Read more at […]

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Depression is more than a low mood. Students at the Victoria Blended Community School in San Diego County talk about what causes this serious condition and ways to help yourself, like exercising and getting enough sleep. One woman shared her personal experience realizing she had depression and what helped her come out on the other […]

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Combating the stigma of mental illness

According to Kidsdata.org, about 25 percent of youth in Merced County report having depression or other major mental illnesses. Victor Seguin reports that, at his school, nurse’s offices post signs encouraging people to quit smoking, or informing them about how to deal with abuse, pregnancy, and anger management. But ways to find help for depression, anxiety or other mental health issues are conspicuously […]

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Losing my friend to suicide

Suicide is the second-leading cause of death for teens aged 15 to 19 in the United States. For Amalia Lopez, this became more than a statistic when her close friend in high school took his own life. Since then, the issue has taken on broader importance for her. “Maybe I, and my peers, could better understand [his death] if […]

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Only smiling on the outside: How teens hide depression

Some research indicates that nearly one-third of teens between 9th and 12th grades experience symptoms of depression. But statistics won’t tell us how teens are dealing with it, hiding it, or how they might help each other open up, to cope and combat the negative feelings. “…I know how people perceive me on the outside—that I’m like this funny person who […]

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‘The smart girl’

There were advantages to being “the smart girl” in the high school, like good grades and college options, but Soraya Shockley discovered that excelling in some areas created deficiencies in others. “I’ve always been known as the smart girl; Not the fun girl or the cool girl, or even the nice girl, but the smart girl… In truth, […]

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