My DACA story: Abby

A high school senior from Boyle Heights in Los Angeles believes she’ll be able to attend college and find meaningful work upon graduate even though she is an undocumented immigrant. This student shared her optimism with Boyle Heights Beat for a series of interviews with people impacted by the Trump Administration’s September announcement it would […]

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Underrepresented, Asian American and Pacific Islanders urged to sign up for immigration relief

At least 130,000 undocumented people from Asia and the Pacific Islands could apply for relief from deportation through the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. However very few are applying for relief — less than 15 percent of those eligible. At a July meeting in Los Angeles, young people who have taken the steps to […]

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Legal forum aids undocumented residents

A recent forum on current immigration and criminal justice legislation brought more than 100 Merced County residents to learn about what the current legal landscape means for mixed status homes, where one or more family members are undocumented. The forum focused on two key pieces of legislation: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), which affects the status of young immigrants, and Proposition 47, which reclassifies certain […]

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Get DACA, pursue your dream job

Adriana Meza feared she wouldn’t be able to graduate college and pursue a teaching career in the United States. As an undocumented student, she lacked a social security number — required to declare her college major and pass a background check to work with children. She set out to get “DACAmented.” “Once Meza got DACA, her college career took off. She […]

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For one young woman, DACA was a lifesaver

Maria’s family came to the United States from Mexico when she was just 5 months old; she’s been living as an undocumented minor in Bakersfield for the last 13 years. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals grants eligible youth like Maria, who came to the country as children, temporary relief from deportation and the right to work. “I immediately applied for jobs, and then […]

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