Collaboration brings walkability to Lamont

A coalition of community groups, with the Kern County Roads Department, successfully competed for $1.43 million in state funds to improve walkability in Lamont. The construction of sidewalks, crosswalks, curbs and gutters is expected to begin later this year. “These dollars will improve health outcomes by promoting safe walking opportunities throughout the community and easier access to services.” Read […]

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Youth author wins writing contest with ‘My faith in Fresno’

Twenty-two year-old Jeremy Miller is a community activist and is a member of Fresno Boys and Men of Color, among other community organizations. He stands against resignation to negative stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding his city. “Many members of the community have… devoted their lives to changing Fresno for the better. Those efforts are paying off.” Read the strides the city has made […]

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City of Coachella reaches for help in saving youth from gang violence

Following the death of 20 year-old Anthony Delatorre on a Coachella street, the mayor invited organizations to strategize ways to keep young people off the streets and away from danger, and to engage youth in meeting these goals. The discussion involved youth leadership programs designed to deter at-risk youth from getting hooked into cycles of […]

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Richmond City Council candidate Dameion King

City Council candidate Dameion King works as a career coach for those re-entering society after prison sentences, and advises area nonprofits on strategies for change in urban communities. It’s his first appearance in the official Richmond politics scene, but he says he’s no stranger to the needs of the city. “I’ve woken up in the morning with gun holes in the wall. I know […]

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Changing the status quo

Systems change is a buzzword in nonprofit and advocacy fields.  Changing things on a systemic level – rather than just on an individual basis – is the end goal for these organizations.  A two-day workshop aimed to help organization leaders network with one another and strategize about key problems. “What we’re hoping that they get out of the Systems Change Workshop […]

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