Refinery expansion may pose more health risks for Long Beach’s poor

A plan to expand production at a pair of oil refineries bordering West Long Beach has many concerned the project will further degrade already troubling air quality. Residents, environmentalists and city leaders share their concerns in this short documentary produced by VoiceWaves. “If it harms me here, if the polluted air harms me, where can […]

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‘Promotoras’ for healthy living choices

Promotoras are community health workers who can do neighborhood outreach in health education and disease prevention, specifically diabetes, chronic disease, and suicide. The nonprofit Vision y Compromiso provides training and ongoing support for promotoras, who are in a position to make meaningful change in their communities. “The community has always trusted me; they have always approached me to ask questions.” The story is on […]

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‘Everyday courage’ can inspire health

The California Endowment conference, “Health Happens with Everyday Courage,” brought together celebrities and community leaders to promote community-based approaches to chronic problems like stress and trauma. Creative people and community members shared tales of resilience. “Traumatic stress, especially without the right support, is strongly associated with increases in the risks of lifelong physical and socio-emotional health problems.” Attendees spoke about the […]

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Wellness centers coming to Long Beach

In Long Beach, half of Khmer youth show signs of depression, one in four Khmer youth don’t know where to find testing for pregnancy or an STI (sexually transmitted infections).  Young people who lead healthy lifestyles are less likely to contribute to the high truancy rates of Long Beach high schools. Wellness Centers in schools provide health education, preventative […]

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