A PSA from Petty Roosevelt

Slang words, hating on protesters, overly philosophical talk about generational differences – all these have to go. A young Long Beach writer lists his pet peeves  and argues why people should change their ways. “It should go without saying that here in America we have the right to assemble in peaceful protest but somehow people […]

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Stage fright: a commentary

Robert almost missed the deadline for the school’s talent show. But he made it to the stage and earned his nickname Michael Jackson. Stage fright hasn’t disappeared, but Robert writes, he now understands the payoff for leaving it all on stage. “Every time I step on that stage I make sure when I leave that they remember […]

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Dear Mom, I need you

When Alice Evergreen looks in the mirror, she sees herself. But her mother sees a boy. In this first-person commentary, Evergreen penned a call to action for parents of transgender children to show unconditional love. “I’ve known my entire life that I am different, and I’ve accepted it, but knowing my mom does not has […]

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Playing politics with people’s lives

Immigrant families across America were watching when the U.S. Supreme Court deadlocked on a case challenging President Barack Obama’s immigration plan, which would have shielded millions of undocumented immigrants from deportation and allowed them to work in the U.S. The nation’s highest court failed to pave the way for comprehensive immigration form, just as Congress […]

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