Staying body positive

Eating disorders often start in adolescence. Merced teen Natalie Wright writes that as a dancer she’s struggled with body image issues and knows people with anorexia and bulimia. But Wright said there are few affordable resources for young people who suffer from an eating disorder. “Our city leaders need to do more to inform communities […]

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Advertising, the media, and body image

With a barrage of social media interlaced with advertising, girls and young women today live with a confusing set of expectations about their identity and appearance. “[With these sites] we’ve opened ourselves up to a whole new form of scrutiny from our peers.” Young women tell their personal stories about body image, and how they think women are portrayed in advertising, in a […]

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Don’t tell me I’m beautiful

A young woman performs a spoken-word piece about the pressures on young females around body image. “Don’t Tell Me I’m Beautiful” incorporates how social media specifically affects young girls. “We were told that being yourself is enough, yet if we don’t conform then the kickback is rough.” Watch the short film by Media Arts Center San Diego.

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The struggle to love my body

Young women have to struggle to resist comparing themselves with the standard female form portrayed in magazines, and the words used to describe different shapes and sizes.  “I love that I have a body that is naturally curvaceous.  I know a lot of women aren’t comfortable being nude, but I love being nude, because I […]

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