Breaking Beauty Standards

With the body positivity movement, more people are speaking out about the toxic culture of body shaming. One of these vocal people is Merced’s Aaliyah Jensen, who writes about what it’s like to grow up as a teenage girl in the current era of Instagram models, photoshopped advertisements, and tabloid body shaming. “I want to […]

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New Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight? Remember Not to Lose Yourself

When Solé Rivera was just 12 years-old, people were always commenting on how she should lose weight. But even after shedding some pounds, Rivera didn’t feel different—and now she’s learning that self-love comes from more than just feeling healthy. “The world is starting to realize that beauty doesn’t only come in one size or shape.” […]

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Neither Black nor white

Growing up in a white community, Nila Venkat wished she could change her black hair and brown skin to match the blue-eyed, blonde-hair portrayals of beauty. “But as we get older, we gain more confidence and start figuring out what’s beautiful about us as we are.” Read the story at Youth Radio.

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What is beauty?

Five young people cogitate on the question, “What is beauty?” Does the presence of beauty imply certain physical qualities? “Personally I think [beauty] runs deeper than that. It runs into your character and how you view the world.” See the video from Media Arts Center San Diego.

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