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Hundreds protest at Walmart in Long Beach

Allies joined Walmart workers outside the stores on Black Friday to protest wages and working conditions at the large chain. See more at Voicwaves.

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Youth present Eastern Coachella Projects at planning conference

Youth representatives from the Eastern Coachella Valley participated in a panel at the annual conference of the American Planning Association. The conference, titled “Legitimate Voices: Youth Perspectives on the Meaning of Building … Continue reading

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What does it take to get young voters to the polls?

Historically a group with low election turnout numbers, about two-thirds of eligible voters aged 18-24 didn’t turn out for California’s 2012 general election — adding up to an absence of nearly two million votes. But community advocates are hopeful as the November … Continue reading

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Sisters and Brothers at the Capitol

The Alliance for Boys and Men of Color embraced female participation when they converged hundreds of youth in Sacramento from August 4-7, 2014. Youth talked with legislators about issues like school funding, suspension and graduation rates, … Continue reading

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Changing the status quo

Systems change is a buzzword in nonprofit and advocacy fields.  Changing things on a systemic level – rather than just on an individual basis – is the end goal for these organizations.  A two-day … Continue reading

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Building resilience: Q&A with Dr. Tony Iton

Health advocate and physician Tony Iton is the Senior Vice President of The California Endowment. When he visited Merced, youth reporters spoke with Dr. Iton about how his upbringing influenced his perspective, … Continue reading

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School board discusses new funding process

At a June 5th meeting, board members from Sacramento’s school district explored the new funding law, and the possibility of transitioning to more constructive disciplinary actions like a Restorative Justice model. Attendees also praised the … Continue reading

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Students stage silent protest over funding concerns

Long Beach students and members of the grassroots organization Californians for Justice spoke first, then staged a “silent protest” during the district’s school board meeting.  They asked the school board to consider more … Continue reading

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Be a hero to someone at risk for suicide

This PSA about suicide is part of the Media Arts Center Teen Producer’s Project.

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Spending education money in the right places

The Local Control Funding Formula has brought students — about classroom size, materials, and facilities — to the fore of education politics.  They want to persuade decision-makers to spend the education budget in a … Continue reading

April 2, 2014 · Leave a comment

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