Long Beach Cambodians Launch Campaign For ‘Fair’ Redistricting

With Cambodia Town currently divided into three separate districts, Cambodian residents have struggled to elect representatives and garner support for their desires because of their geographical district divisions. Now, a group of activists is hoping to unite Cambodia Town. “After living decades divided between council districts, Long Beach’s Cambodia Town wants a stronger political voice.” […]

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Voices of Long Beach

In March, VoiceWaves released a series of short videos about issues relevant to the Long Beach community. Ranging from homelessness to teen activism, the topics of the videos cover a diverse range of subjects and aim to inspire action against injustice. “Things will get better. You know they will, I know they will.” Read more […]

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Annual Activist Gathering Comes at Critical Moment for Long Beach Renters & Immigrants

As Long Beach gears up for its largest annual gathering of activists, VoiceWaves snagged an interview with one of the event’s organizers to hear more about the upcoming People’s State of the City 2018. “I want people to think about the real issues and conditions that they are facing right now.” Read more at VoiceWaves.

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Portraits of trans resistance

A Fresno artist created brilliantly colored portraits of transgender people in a series of paintings with slogans of resistance and empowerment. The posters, created by artist Micah Bazant, were displayed at Fresno’s monthly local artist showcase event. “I believe our genders and abilities to create art and change are divine gifts from the Universe. It […]

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