The Weight Of The Youth Vote

The 2020 election saw an impressive increase in voter turnout, particularly among young voters. According to young people interviewed in Merced, personal interest in political issues was a main motivator for choosing to participate in the election. “I feel like this election was a lot more than just voting for a president or voting for […]

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Health Warrior: Med Student Tears Down Racial Barriers

Medical student Bernadette Lim is fighting to tear down racial barriers in medicine. The 26-year-old founded the Freedom Community Clinic to provide “whole-person” care to BIPOC communities, combining Western medicine with healing practices. “Medicine only treats symptoms…We are inherently taught how to treat disease rather than uplift health.” Lim recently won a California Youth Award. […]

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Dear Joe Biden

What do young people across the country want to see from the Biden administration? A lot. YR Media asked 7 young people for their message for the new president. They talked about a range of issues from COVID-19 to climate change. Read their thoughts on YR Media.

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